MUSIC - Ticknock Knockers, Southern Irish Rock

Silver Fork Winery

When Feb 23 2019 1 p.m. - Feb 23 2019 4 p.m.
Where Silver Fork Winery
Address 5000 Patton Road, Morganton, NC, 28655

PSA - This may be the longest band info you have ever read...*continue at your own risk*

Tom Kuhn and Patrick Crouch have been collaborating in musical ensembles since 1980. They performed many shows during the 1980’s in the Long Time Gone Band. The Long Time Gone Band played bars, street festivals, and private events. The LTG electric band repertoire consisted of Top 40 Country and Southern Rock. Since all of the members of the Long Time Gone Band were also acoustic players, the LTG band had an alter ego acoustic version which played mostly bluegrass and singer/songwriter material. Tom and Patrick toured Ireland with the acoustic Long Time Gone Band for the first time in 1989. After Tom and Patrick spent ten days performing on the Cobh International Dance Festival and living specifically at the Top of the Hill, (Ticknock), their musical pursuit was energized by the spirit of the Irish session. Tom and Patrick began to add jigs, reels, and traditional Irish songs to their repertoire. By 1991 when Tom and Paddy returned to Ireland, their Long Time Gone CDs contained a healthy dose of Irish traditional music. Tom-n-Paddy performed throughout the 1990’s in separate bands with Tom joining the Charlotte music scene and Paddy working to promote the Strictly Clean and Decent trio. Tom performed a lot of electric music with The Rank Outsiders, The Stragglers, and Charleyhorse. Paddy moved into mostly acoustic and more traditional material with Strictly Clean and Decent. During the 1990’s when Tom and Paddy performed together it was mostly acoustic playing folk, bluegrass, and Celtic music. The 21st Century found Tom and Paddy deeply rooted in their local music scenes. Tom was well established in Charlotte performing on electric and acoustic bass, mandolin, and guitar. Paddy was still consumed with Strictly Clean and Decent performing on mandolin, guitar, banjo, fiddle, and dobro. Strictly Clean and Decent had founded the Caldwell County Traditional Musicians Showcase by this time and Paddy had also founded Ticknock Recording Studio. Ticknock Recording Studio is dedicated to providing an affordable option for local musicians to record. In May of 2005 Tom began performing in the Comet Grill in Charlotte with the Red Rocking Chair Band. The Red Rocking Chair Band still performs bluegrass and acoustic music in the Comet Grill each Tuesday night. Paddy began filling in with the Red Rocking Chair Band and has been performing as a member of the band with Tom since 2014. This new era of Tom-n-Paddy’s musical journey has yielded rich results. Tom-n-Paddy have toured Ireland and Germany in the last four years. They have played over 200 gigs in the Red Rocking Chair Band and they have spent many hours playing as a duo, hence the Ticknock Knockers. When Tom-n-Paddy perform as the Ticknock Knockers they draw from a musical friendship that spans nearly four decades. Their music is a slice of Americana with a pint of Irish traditional to wash it down. They perform on guitar, mandolin, bass, fiddle, banjo, and whistle. Tom-n-Paddy perform their favorite songs and tunes from both sides of the Atlantic. They combine the humor of the Southern Appalachian Mountains with the Irish “craic” they found in Cobh, Ireland while rambling the Top O’ the Hill, (Ticknock.)

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