MUSIC - Syncrotonic Swag - Sonic Tapestry

Silver Fork Winery

When Apr 20 2024 2 p.m. - Apr 20 2024 5 p.m.
Where Silver Fork Winery
Address 5000 Patton Road, Morganton, NC, 28655

Get ready to groove to the irresistible sounds of Syncrotonic Swag, a four-piece powerhouse that blends R&B, soul, funk, and rock n’ roll into a sonic tapestry that will leave you begging for more.

Meet the Maestros:

Yusy - Lead Vocals: Yusy's voice is a force to be reckoned with. She glides between sultry R&B, and the raw energy of rock n roll. Her vocal power and range adds an undeniable dynamic layer to Syncrotonic Swag's signature sound.

Meghan - Bass Guitar: Meghan holds down the low end with style and finesse. Her bass lines not only anchors the band, but also makes it look so easy, adding a touch of swagger to Syncrotonic Swag's infectious groove.

Phil - Lead Guitar: Phill's fingers dance across the strings like a magician casting a spell. With his killer guitar riffs and soulful solos, he takes the audience on a musical journey that transcends genres.

Eric - Drums: Eric lays down the foundation with a steady groove that is the heartbeat of Syncrotonic Swag. His rhythmic finesse and dynamic drumming create a musical landscape that keeps the audience moving and grooving.

Harmonies that Sync in Perfect Swag:

Syncrotonic Swag is a harmonious blend of musical mastery. The killer harmonies, where each member gets their moment at the mic, evoke electrifying performances that have you anticipating the next song.

We are super excited to be having them back at the Fork!!

Join us, where the rhythm is infectious, the harmonies are killer, and the swag is undeniable.

Synchro Tonic Swag.jpeg